Santeva Intense Rapid Fading Treatment

Santeva Intense Rapid Fading Treatment - Corrects all Forms Hyperpigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone ( Rapidly)

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Sepiwhite: Evens complexion and promotes healthy skin. Glutathione: Boosts th…


  • Sepiwhite: Evens complexion and promotes healthy skin.
  • Glutathione: Boosts the immune system, evens complexion, slows down aging, and lightens melanin production.
  • Vitamin E: Fights free radicals, hydrates skin, and reduces the UV damage.
  • Jojoba oil: Tame chafing, fights eczema, skin repair, and reduces skin irritation.
  • Rose oil: Skin hydration, reduces acne, fights aging signs, and reduces dark spots appearance.
  • Grape seed extract: Protect skin from UV damage, neutralizes free radicals and fights aging signs.
  • Seagrape Caviar: Promotes glowing skin, hydrates skin, reduces aging signs, and battles acne.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Fights aging signs and promotes collagen production.
  • Papaya leaf extract: Reduces free radicals, promotes radiant skin, and fights aging signs.
  • Kojic acid: Anti-microbial, fights aging signs, reduces scars, and promotes even skin tone.
  • Alpha Arbutin: Evens skin tone, reduces acne scars, anti-inflammatory, and promotes glowing skin.
  • Pink Dandelion Flower: Slows down aging, anti-inflammatory and boosts new cell production.


Our Rapid Fading Treatment is the best dark spot lotion that you can buy with your money. Our product is not just a good, even skin tone treatment, but it offers more value to our customers. For years, our experts have worked on our products to drive the best results for customers. So are you looking for the best dark spot remover? If yes, then our product is the best option for you. The following are some of the essential benefits that our Fading Cream can offer you.

Lighten Dark Skin

Sun damage is quite common even if you are a stay at home type of person. If you go out every day, then the UV damage is unquestionable. Dark skin or patches on the skin can ruin your overall appearance and can make you look dull as well. Our Fading Treatment is the best dark spot corrector that you will find in the market. Infused with some of the amazing ingredients, our product is all you need to improve your overall appearance. No matter if you have acne or not, our product is also a miraculous age spot remover for all skin types.

Reduces Melanin Pigmentation

Melanin production on your skin is your first enemy. The more the melanin production, the more dark skin or patches you will notice on your face. If you want to reduce melanin production on your face, then our product will help you throughout the journey. We have formulated our product with some excellent extracts that work well against melanin. You will witness the results on your face after a few days.

Deep Moisturization

What’s the first rule of skincare? Moisturization. Our product offers several benefits, including deep moisturization. If you are using a spot treatment, then our product will be the best replacement for it. It is one of the best acne spot treatment creams while deeply moisturizing your skin. So are you looking for a cream that offers more than one benefit? Check out our Rapid Fading Treatment.

Fights Aging Signs

When the main problems of the skin are resolved, other skin problems of your face will eventually start to rule out. Aging is one of the worst skin problems, but no one can stop the process. However, our fantastic formula can help in fighting the aging signs and slowing them down. Reduce the aging signs by using the cream every day on your face for a few weeks to see a clear difference.

Even Skin Tone

Reduced melanin production and improvement in dark spots will result in even skin tone. No matter if you have dark or fair skin, healthy skin counts the most. In order to improve your skin’s condition, it’s time for you to invest in a product that evens your skin tone. For you to experience flawless and gorgeous skin, opt for our Rapid Fading Treatment for incredible results.

44 Reviews

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  • Chelle - Jun 11th 2022

    Good buy

    The best recommendation I ever followed!

  • Mary - Jun 9th 2022

    What a buy!

    Love this so much, exceeded my expectations!

44 Reviews

  • Chelle - Jun 11th 2022

    Good buy

    The best recommendation I ever followed!

  • Mary - Jun 9th 2022

    What a buy!

    Love this so much, exceeded my expectations!

  • Mary - May 28th 2022

    What a magic!

    This is one of the best skin care product I’ve ever used! It easily reduced my skin’s dark spots. Love the effect so much ✨✨

  • Jenna - Sep 22nd 2021

    get rid of discoloration

    I got rid of discoloration within a month and it's not a problem that makes me worry anymore

  • Eva - Sep 22nd 2021

    removes all dark spots

    Yes, it's amazing. removed all the dark spots I had on my skin rapidly

  • Ivanna - Sep 22nd 2021

    got glowing skin!!!

    I was able to get clear and glowing skin in 3 weeks

  • Francesca - Sep 22nd 2021

    gives a spotless skin!

    Fadeaway all the marks and spots that cover your skin within a month and make your skin beautiful

  • Jobelle - Sep 20th 2021


    Gave me a spotless, even skin in 3 weeks!

  • Yuka - Sep 20th 2021

    even skin

    Removes dark marks and spots and gives even skin tone

  • Grace - Sep 20th 2021


    I got a spotless face within 2 weeks. Amazing product




Pink Dandelion & Seagrape Caviar Complex 

Santeva Intense Rapid Fading Treatment rapidly fades difficult dark areas. With ultra-fine lighten skin pigmentation components, this lotion penetrates deep into the dermis so that skin brightening is fast and proficient. With persistent use, your skin will effectively reduce the content of unwanted melanin pigmentation. See initial results within 1 week of using this product. For best results use consistently for 30 days.


Apply twice daily on face and body to previously cleansed skin. Make sure to use sun protection in the morning after using this product. Preferably use after Santeva Intense Toning Milk.


Sepiwhite, Aqua (water), Pure glutathione 24,000 g, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Rose oil, Grape seed extract, SeagrapeCaviar, Geo white, Coenzyme Q10, Papaya leaf extract, Fragrance, Kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin, Pink Dandelion Flower


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